Slow Down Time…

I am the mom crying all the way home after dropping my kindergartener off for her first day of school. I am the mom fighting tears at school performances. I tiptoe across the house after bedtime to peak in on my littles fast asleep. I display artwork and store away crafts made with love by the tiniest hands. I am the mom who always has a camera just to capture small moments in time I might otherwise forget. I am the mom finding that the days are going by too fast and my tiny sweet babies are becoming older, wiser, and taller everyday! I am on continual quest to find a way to stop time… or at the very least- SLOW it down!

I’ve made it my goal in life to create a home filled with God, love, laughter, memories, creativity and imagination! I try to make the chores- fun, the boring- interesting, and the negative- positive. I want my children to have EVERY ounce of their childhood before it slips away and I’m only left with glimpses of the children they once were because I know its coming!

Follow me as I soak it all in: the good, the bad, the ugly, and beautiful moments that become our memories.



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